Saturday, 8 January 2011

Otto Muehl and Kurt Kren: Mama Papa

I had just came across this film by sheer conincidence. I saw this on a recorded television series from the 90s called midnight underground, which screened and commented on underground and artist films. MaMa Papa by Otto Muehl and Kurt Kren is very vuglar, brash and extreme in its content, but it's constrastably attractive and exiciting at the same time. This quick film is documentry footage of some of Muehls perormances. The film is a extentsion peice to the performances. The footage has been put together very rapidly, darting from one squence to another, destorying the structure of narrative but creating a very senstional feeling to the film. Muehl is seen decorated and decorating and his naked models in food and blood and other horrid nasty things (which i'm not going to list.).  In this film, I like the Muehls use of the body as material or as a canvas  and how food and other substances are subsituted for paint. The film is worth a watch, but warn anyone thats its quite intense, and  its definitely not for the faint hearted!


  1. I don't know. I found it difficult to get through various layers of censorship to see the footage, and it's a naked woman being covered by food and schmuck. I don't find that at all shocking, and the whole thing is overblown. Call me jaded, but this is 1960s hipsters TRYING to be controversial. Meh, whatever.

  2. I believe that his art is a message NOT attract sustained consideration, to look at (or, hang it on wall as a photo) it for any sustainable length of time, but to turn away and then turn away from the Salon

    It's like blowing up the traffic so one can cross the bridge. Yeah, I am learey of it all,too

    Bill Moore