Sunday, 4 March 2012

Grotesque Nouveau Polaroids!!!

The first Grotesque Nouveau Polaroids. I did these last November and there are some medium format images of these as well. The images are of a sheep skull figure and sheep head. I'm carrying on posting work on this blog but not final work as I have done previously. I'm going save final work for exhibitions, publications and so on. But I'm still going to regularly publish the experiments and documentation of my goings on, to give you a flavour of the final work. 

Gallery exhibition in Macclesfield

I haven't updated my blog for many months. I have been having time out to work on projects and getting lots of new work done. One of the things I've been involved in is a group show at the Marburae gallery called 'the collection', which is currently now on and is running for five weeks till the end of the first week in April. I've got 12 pieces in this show. The pieces are all approximately 18 1/2 x 18 1/2 inches in size. They are  fibre based hand printed in darkroom by me, framed and are up for sale at the reasonable introductory price of £175 pounds. If you are interested in seeing the 'Grotesque Nouveau' series in the flesh, I recommend visit Macclesfield to have look at this show. There are also 10 other photographers invovled in this show and over 100 photographs on the display, which are all up for sale. You can find out more about information about the 'The collection' show and gallery space here on:

Friday, 14 October 2011

Grotesque nouveau

Here are some rough scans of some new grotesques. I now have access to a studio and have gone back to making grotesques again. I assure that there will be a burst of new grotesques to come! In the latest grotesques, I'm starting to look more at 'grotesque body', the inner and the outer as well as grotesques in cave paintings.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Paint pot faces

Paint pot faces! I have been drawing and painting as well as photographing over this summer. This is accidental thing which has turned into a little mini project. I've been decorating and doodling my paint pot with the excess paint and ink used for my storyboards and set designs on the grotesque. Many of these faces are grotesque in appereance and others are imaginary.

More urban blight!

 More photographs based on the themes of edgelands, surface and urban botnay.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Edgelands and urban walks

I've put the studio work aside for and have started to take the role of a flâneur with a camera, leaving the places that are part of my daily rountial life, to photograph what I  happen to encounter or what catches my attention. Prior to taking these snapshots, I had been reading JG Ballard's Crash. From reading Crash, I've regained a strong interest in the urban enviorment and the machinery. This new interest in the urban enviorment has fabricated into recording edgelands. I had heard about the concept of edgelands from Paul Farley's and Michael Symmons Roberts' book the Edgelands. The definition of an Edgeland is a place which is between or shares the characteristics of the urban and rural, it is a marginal or in a transition between the two. Places like car parks, airports, wastelands, retail parks or an industrial estates are all things which fit into this concept of the edgelands. These photographs have all been taken from the edgelands I have visitied.  The photographs show the combinition of organic and man-made matter. I have merged  nature and the city together. I would definitely like to elaborate more on this idea. I'm thinking of taking this idea further. I can see this idea been taken into a  seires of  photographs or large scale landscape drawings, a  film or ausing these phots for a storyboard for a new side project continuing  my grotesque work, working with theme of the grotesque and the city.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Cough by Ghost outfit

Here is a video which I did for a new upcoming local band; Ghost outfit and their track cough. I've known the band (Jack and Mike) for some years now and they are probably one of the most talented and dedicated people to their art that I know! So it was a great privilege to finally collabrate with them! The video is a short clip of hand painted animation, done on 8mm film. The concept behind this video was to produce a sensation, which related to the clattered harsh noises and instrumental cough that can be heard from this track. The editing and production of this video is very raw and lo fi, just like the band's sound. You can see Cough by Ghost outfit here, on this link from you tube:

And you can see other ghost outfit music videos by other film makers at at